Charlie Donnelly Memorial          Madrid

Charlie Donnelly Memorial

From 21 to 23 February, the 77th anniversary of the Battle of Jarama be held. The main event, as always, will be the Jarama march this year will be dedicated to remind volunteers BI XII who fought in that battle. 2,000 were integrated into the Garibaldi, André Marty and Dombrowski battalions. Many, especially the A. Marty, left their lives in the hills and olive groves of Jarama.To all of them, as well as the brave Spanish and international who defended freedom and the Republic in those parts of that February 37 will go our emotional recognition.

Let’s count again with representations of French friends AICVAS (Italian Association of Combatants Volunteer Antifascist in Spain), ACER (Amis et Combatants in Espagne Republicaine) and, as every year, a good number of friends in Ireland (REIT ) and the UK (IBMT) as well as other countries, to give up the internationalist character we want.

Do not forget the context in which this motion is performed: Capitalism aggressive offensive against the rights of workers, precarious dismantling the welfare state and extending and accentuating poverty and social inequalities. His eagerness to amass maximum benefits, and the belief that there will be no barriers to stop him, he is carrying an exploitative madness, while the footmen induce governments to introduce authoritarian measures, increasingly fascist, in the case of the oppressed people explode.

We must demand that leftist groups to become advocates for all social groups hit by the reactionary policies of the PP and the European Union. We need unity of action and a strong popular impulse that can stop this conservative tsunami. We have the example of the Popular Front, the struggle of workers in the thirties and international solidarity shown by the brigade.Everything possible to meet fascism in Spain for three years and defeat in 1945. Go down that path is to make the best tribute to the thousands of young people who fought at Jarama and other fields of Spain.


 Friday, February 21

17:30 Presentation of the Jarama 7th march 2014. Speakers: Representatives of AICVAS, ACER and AABI . prize was also awarded to the winner of school essay competition Ireland

Location: Ateneo de Madrid, Calle del Prado, 21

Saturday February 22

8:45 bus out front of Hotel Agumar, Paseo Reina Cristina 7

9:30 Top Jarama 7th march on the path of the XII International Brigade. Starting point: at the memorial to Charlie Donnelly Park Miralrío in Rivas-Vaciamadrid.

13:00 Tribute to UK and international Republicans who fought and fell at Jarama, near the Monument to the International Brigades of Morata de Tajunya

14:30 Lunch at the Meson El Cid and visit the Museum of the Battle of Jarama.

18:00 Return to Hotel Agumar.

Sunday 23 February

10:30 Walk from Plaza La Moncloa to the French Bridge to finish at the monument of the BI of University City. Starting point: Moncloa Metro exit Paseo Moret.

12:30 Tribute to the BI at the monument of the City University


To book

Attending the launch is free and can approach the starting point by car or bus that will organization. The cost of bus is 10 euros per person.

The food at Meson El Cid is priced at 15 euros.

To book a place on the bus or at lunch on Saturday, please contact:

At 14:00 a bus will bring the drivers who want to recover the vehicle left in the parking lot of El Alto.

The deadline for reservations is February 10.


Route of travel

 The march this year comprises two separate sections considering that we were touring areas where fighting two battalions XII BI: Garibaldi and André Marty. The distance between areas is very large and requires us to split up. Also, we would like to move more suitable areas, but it prevents private farms and roads do not always provide parking facilities for cars and buses. So this year the march will consist of:

Tranche Garibaldi : begin at 9:30 at the monument to Charlie Donnelly Miralrío located in the Park, south of Old Town Municipality (Marcial Street Lalanda, 127). Access the A-3 motorway Valencia, exit 19.

This section will be very short walk to go down as the old metal bridge (now without traffic) and from there cross the A-3 for the 20.5 km walkway to reach the neighborhood of Arganda Bridge, where we will pick up the bus to take us to the restaurant El Alto.

Tranche André Marty : begin at 10:30 in the parking lot of El Alto, as last year. From there we start walking down the path that will lead us to the command post of Barron, the colonel who led the left column of the Francoist attack. This section will allow us to see the areas of removal of the remains of the battalion A. Marty and the hills defended by Dombrowski. From the vertex Pajares we see also a good view of the valley of Jarama, bridge and high Pindoque La Marañosa.The guidance in this section will Loriente David, who has directed the last two marches.

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