cartel jarama15 brJARAMA COMMEMORATION FEB19/21TH 2014

There were many thousands of Spanish and international antifascist who who defended freedom in the fields of Spain and the world. In these past years we especially remember volunteers BI XI (2011), the BI XII (2014), the XIV BI (2013) and the XV BI (2012) and, consequently, did related routes scenarios in which these brigades acted.

This year we will cross path that will link the places that the XI and XV BI fought. This will allow us to better understand the the battlefield positions of both units before the onslaught of the fascist columns and, thus, to assess the contribution they made to the struggle of the Spanish people. We will, like other years, will have the presence of a large number of friends from Ireland and Britain, as well as other colleagues from Germany, France, Italy and other countries. To all of them we thank you for helping to keep the memory and legacy of the International Brigades alive.
Today the struggle that took place 78 years ago, remains an example that workers of the world must know, appreciate and imitate. Today as yesterday the workers are threatened by the same enemies: the owners of big capital imposed tyranny of their interests and the market. The crisis generated and caused by them, was the perfect excuse to impose draconian working class conditions affecting especially young people, women and older workers unemployed. No choice but to react, stop this offensive of the powerful through mobilization and unity of the popular organizations.
The Spanish Popular Front, even despite its shortcomings, was a tool that allowed those years stand up capital and fascism. The 35,000 young people who came to Spain showed the path of unity in the struggle of the workers of the world.
Today we need to form the united struggle of workers at national and international level. Let this march, which brings together many friends of Volunteers of Liberty, serve as a symbol and encouragement to achieve the necessary unity.

Thursday, February 19. Goodbye Barcelona
18:15 Screening of musical Goodbye Barcelona , Karl Levkovic. In the Historical Library Marqués de Valdecilla, (street Novitiate Novitiate 3. Metro). In collaboration with the Department of Historical Memory of the twentieth century.
Friday, February 20. Tarancón tribute to Scottish volunteers
10:45 Departure from the bus to Tarancón from the Hotel Agumar (Paseo de la Reina Cristina, 7).
12:00 Tribute in the cemetery of Tarancón to Scottish and international buried there.
19:00 Presentation of the 8th running of the Jarama and delivery of school 3rd Prize Essays in Ireland on the International Brigades in the Ateneo de Madrid, located in the C / Prado, 21. In collaboration with the Association ateneísta Juan Negrin.
Saturday February 21. 8th March of Jarama
8:45 Bus departure from the Hotel Agumar (Paseo de la Reina Cristina, 7) to the starting point of the March of Jarama.
9:30 Starting off the Jarama in the parking Restaurante El Alto (PK 5 of the M-311 highway bridge Arganda to Chinchon)
13:00 Tribute to the antifascist volunteers who fought in the Battle of Jarama. Location: PK 5 of the M-302 highway bridge San Martin de la Vega to Morata de Tajuña).
14:30 Food fraternity at Meson El Cid
18:00 Return to Hotel Agumar.
Sunday February 22. Tribute to the BI in the University City of Madrid
11:00 Paseo de Moncloa memorial to the monument to the International Brigades in University City.
12:30 Tribute to the BI at the monument

Road march 8th Jarama
This year the march of Jarama elapse from the places where he fought the XI BI (battalions Edgar André, Thälmann and Paris Commune) into the area defended by the XV BI (battalions Dimitrov, Six February, British and Lincoln).
mapa ruta jarama 2015

The 3rd Franco offensive to conquer Madrid (after the failures obtained in the previous three months) began on February 6, 1937 with an advance on the line of Jarama river. On Feb 11 and 12 the three columns of Barron, Saenz de Buruaga and Asensio Cabanillas crossed the Jarama and tried to advance on Arganda and Morata. In those crucial days their progress was slowed by the courage of thousands of young people who faced them in the valley of Jarama and hills that flank it from Arganda to Titulcia.
Among the thousands of Spanish and international antifascist include international volunteers XI and XV BBII, which comprised French, Germans, Austrians, Scandinavians, Belgians, Italians, young Eastern European, British, Irish, Americans this year, Spanish and other nationalities.
The guide to the march, David Loriente, will explain the general lines of the battle and the details of the fighting that occurred at each location.
The Musical Group of BI sing three songs at the beginning of the march Song XI BI Thälmann Column (German and Spanish); at the stop next to Suicide Hill will sing the Jarama Valley (English and Spanish); at the end of the march will sing the anthem of the International Brigades (German and Spanish). It is the second time that this group acts and hope that will gradually increase their number and improve their quality.
This year the march will not end, as in previous years, at the monument of the BBII Chirino, but along a small memorial to Charlie Donnelly located at the beginning of the path of Valgrande. Get there about 12.30 and 13.00 begin the final act of the march, lasting half an hour. There will a plaque dedicated to the Irish poet Lincoln battalion that together with other 125 companions, gave his life generously in the attack of 27 February 1937.
At the end of this act coaches take registered attendees to Meson El Cid, where the food of brotherhood will take place. At the end of it there will be a session with musical performances and greetings from the organizations attending. Also you can visit the Museum of the Battle of Jarama.
At 18.00 hours the buses will pick up attendees and taken to Hotel Agumar.

Attendance at the 8th march Jarama
Attendance is open to anyone who wants to join. Recourse may be had to the starting point (Restaurante El Alto) by themselves or with buses that will put the Organization, the AABI.
Buses and food
Buses will leave at 8.50 am on Hotel Agumar (Paseo de María Cristina, 13. Metro Atocha Renfe) and leave in the afternoon at 18.00 Meson El Cid to return to the Hotel Agumar at 18, 30.
Normally the inscription on the bus (15 euros) will be linked to enrollment to food (15 euros) but is also able to eat on their own. Attendees who go in your car may also reserve seats for food.
Whether bus service, like eating at Meson El Cid, you must register prior notice to this direcciónÂÂ , the number of people who will use either service.
The registration deadline is Tuesday 17 February. Please if for any supervening reason, will use either service, notify the organization as soon as possible.
At the end of the march, a bus may carry only the drivers, the parking Restaurante El Alto so they can retrieve their cars and proceed to the subsequent collection of his companions.

Assistance Tribute to the Scots brigade in Tarancón
People who want to join the Tribute to the International Brigades in Tarancón can do previously enrolling in the AABI chartered bus.
This tribute on Friday February 20 will be held at the following times:
10:45 ÂÂ output bus leaves the Hotel Agumar (Paseo de la Reina Cristina, 7) Tarancón.
12:00 Ceremony at the cemetery in honor Tarancón volunteers from Scotland and other countries buried there.
13:30 Lunch based tapas in an Inn on the outskirts of Tarancón.
15:30 Back in Madrid at Hotel Agumar, with arrival at 16:30.
The fare will be between 15 and 20 euros, depending on the number of travelers. Each pay their drinks at the Inn.
Do not forget to book a seat on the bus by writing to